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Although many vehicle owners look at this warning signal with disdain, it actually should be viewed in appreciation. The check engine light is what alerts you to any issues in your vehicle, major or minor. Without this light, you wouldn’t know anything is wrong with your car until it’s too late. At Simpsonville Automotive, we want to help provide clarity to the often misunderstood check engine light, and we accomplish that through our team of experienced automotive professionals. Our technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly find what may have caused the check engine light and, using state-of-the-art repair equipment, fix it. We make sure to offer you all the information you need as well, so you know what caused the light and what to look for in the event it ever happens again. We make sure to answer all your questions and concerns so that you can make the right choices for your vehicle!

What Causes a Check Engine Light?

The primary responsibility of the check engine light is to alert you of any malfunctioning components and systems found in your vehicle. It does this through sensors spread throughout the vehicle. If these sensors notice something is wrong, they send a code to the vehicle’s computer system. Once the code is sent, the computer system triggers the light.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of causes for the check engine light to turn on, from a loose gas cap to a failing catalytic converter. Unless you own special equipment, it’ll be pretty difficult for most vehicle owners to decipher the light. With that said, the light does give you a few hints on how to proceed. If the light is steady, that indicates there’s a minor problem going on within your vehicle. For the time being, your vehicle is fine, but we still recommend service at your earliest convenience. If you see that the warning signal is flashing, that indicates something is seriously wrong with your vehicle. In this situation, we recommend you stop driving and bring it into our shop immediately so you can prevent additional damage!

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Is the check engine light on in your vehicle? If so, it’s your car telling you something wrong is going on, well before it becomes a problem. Make sure you schedule an engine light diagnostics service with Simpsonville Automotive in Simpsonville, Kentucky. Our automotive professionals use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the cause of the light quickly. With that information in hand, they can fix the issue with quality and care, so you can get back to driving your vehicle without worry and stress! Schedule your appointment by giving us a call at 502-722-5980 or visiting us on 6986 Shelbyville Rd and speaking with one of our service advisors. Our team is always ready to help you and your vehicle!