Your Car or Truck May Need a Tune-Up

Signs You Need to Get a Tune-Up

Vehicles need a tune-up from time to time as part of regular maintenance. However, some drivers have very little idea of what’s involved in one or when to get one because the precise meaning of the term can vary. Simpsonville Automotive in Simpsonville, Kentucky, can help clarify. In general, a tune-up is a process of refreshing a vehicle and its main systems to ensure it is in good working order for thousands of miles to come. Below is a little more on what you should expect from a tune-up and the signs you need one.

What Exactly Is a Tune-Up?

As mentioned, this term can mean a few different things depending on who you ask. However, it’s best explained as the process of inspecting a vehicle for deteriorating parts and minor or major issues and fixing them. The goal of this is to ensure your vehicle stays in optimal shape. Tune-ups should be an element of everyone’s automotive upkeep!

As an example, a tune-up may include inspecting and repairing the fuel system. The fuel injectors may be dirty and need to be cleaned, and the fuel filter may be damaged. Identifying these issues and addressing them will improve engine performance and durability.

Signs You Need a Tune-Up

If your car or truck isn’t quite working right, it may be time to visit a mechanic. These are some common issues that may necessitate a little extra care for your engine.

  • Check Engine Light Is One: This one is perhaps obvious. If you are getting a trouble code and your engine light is one, bring it in for servicing.

  • Stalling: If your car does get going as quickly as you expect, it may be a sign you need some repairs. This can be dangerous to your vehicle and you.

  • Rough Gear Shifting: If your transmission isn’t shifting smoothly, that is a sign of some problems. You may want to head in for a tune-up.

  • Poor Fuel Economy: Many common issues with car engines reduce fuel efficiency. Get your vehicle checked if you notice a drop in fuel efficiency.

  • Get Your Vehicle Taken Care Of

    If you are in or around Simpsonville, Kentucky, visit Simpsonville Automotive for your next tune-up. We are happy to help you with all of your automotive needs! Schedule an appointment today or stop by our shop when you are in the area. We can’t wait to see you!

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